A few fun shows & Movies for Fashion Inspiration

by Bianca Jamieson

Are you done Netflix yet? No ? Getting close? If not, here is some recommended content to stream and remind us that getting dressed is fun and fashion is a form of self expression. 

One pant..3 outfits

Happy Thursday! ( I think that’s what day it is) Yes.. Happy Thursday.

Today I was thinking…really what do we want to wear right now? I think comfort is definitely key! I know I’m wearing my comfy & effortless pieces on repeat.

Which is why I decided to share a little outfit inspiration for our days at home.

I decided to use one style of pant to create the looks around. The comfy tie pant is a great staple right about now. The soft tie waistband (super comfy & forgiving) and so neutral that it goes with anything and everything.

Style these pants up with your casual closet staples – basic tee, pullover and classic white shirt.

xx Michele


Spring Style

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is keeping well.

As I mentioned before.. I will do my best to keep things light and a little more on the inspirational side of things. I know we are feeling all sorts of things at this time.. and that changes each day..sometimes a few times a day.

A few of my customers and friends have messaged me and said they are happy our spring pieces are popping up in their social media and on our website. So many of them saying it’s been a nice distraction from the news.

That said.. if you haven’t seen the spring style or the lookbook... it might be a wee mood booster. Think of those days in the future when we will wear cute outfits and not just pyjama pants.

xx Michele

Lookbook outfit

Happy Friday! I hope everyone is staying in and keeping healthy.

I thought I would pop on the blog today to share a lovely spring outfit from our spring lookbook.  

I’m feeling the need for a nice dose of spring today.

xx Michele

pistachio trench look,

Staying-in Style


by Bianca Jamieson

We may not be going anywhere but we can still get dressed! It’s week two of staying-in and by now, the novelty of pyjamas all day every day is probably starting to wear a bit thin. Here are a few options  for a range of staying-in styles.

Lovely in loungewear 

A matching set is incredibly chic and pulled together enough to make you feel fresh and ready to face the day, while staying as comfy and cozy as can be.

Business on top, couch on the bottom

This is your go-to look for video conferences.  A pretty blouse over soft pants or an easy quilted jacket over a cute t-shirt looks professional for the camera. No one will ever suspect you’re wearing soft pants or leggings at your desk!

Fully professional, fully productive 

Some people just need to dress for work to do the work and we salute you! Here are a few polished and easy dresses for you now and for the rest of us when this all over and we are back in the office.

And if you can’t work from home because you’re part of the wonderful group of people who are helping the sick, responding to emergencies, delivering packages, helping make sure we all have access to food and other essential services, Thank You!

Stay healthy everyone! lovely loungwearpretty blousesdresses



Spring Lookbook


Just popping on the blog today to share a link to our new spring lookbook. 

With the shop being closed I took some time to get a new Look book together.  Hopefully it will give you a little distraction and spring inspiration for days ahead.

photos are by Anthology Marketing.