Closet care – Sweaters

I’ve been wearing my sweaters on repeat all winter long, and now that spring is slowly coming our way.. I’m thinking of tackling my drawer of sweaters.

I don’t wash my knits as often as you would think. I usually try to get quite a few wears out of them before I wash them, especially my mohair and cashmere pieces. I tend to hand wash my delicate sweaters with a sweater (lingerie) wash.

Also a good tip is to wash the sweater inside out and try not to pull or stretch the knit when washing. It saves the sweater from pulling the fibres and pilling.

I like to lay them flat (so they don’t stretch) and let them dry overnight. Once they are dry I use my little Sweater shaver (I have a Conair defuzzer)  and just touch up any little areas that have a little extra fluff.

Next step.. I fold my sweaters rather than hang them to keep them from stretching out of shape. I also love to colour block my knits in my drawers… makes it super easy to just go in find exactly the sweater I’m after.

xx Michele


closet care- taking care of sweaters