LBD (little black dress)

Ohh the little black dress!
We all have a few… and if we don’t….. we should! You just can’t go wrong with a black dress.
I think we all try and stray and find something colourful or patterned….just different.
I always hear… “Well I have a dress already but it’s black and I just want something else to wear”. Most times… you know what we end up with…. another black dress.
But really I ask is this so bad? A black dress can be reworked a million times over… adding different accessories – metallic or coloured, belting it, or wearing a snappy little jacket to top it off.

We can sometimes recreate that black dress a few different ways, just with a few minor adjustments. Our newest window is featuring a fabulous little Aline black dress, add the jewels, oh and throw in the Eiffel tower and we are classy and fabulous! oh lah lah!


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