Lovely Look!

white denim, natural heel and pink toppale pink top with chiffon details close up details of outfit

I hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous weather! We are  starting off the week with some great new pieces in the shop.

I’m sure you have noticed the distressed jean look on many  street style blogs, lately. We have a fun skinny white denim with burnout knee details…perfect for summer.

What everybody is asking…how do I wear it… or what with?

First of all…it’s not a style  for everyone…but I find an easy way to wear it is with feminine or classic pieces. It balances out the edgy look of a distressed denim. I think it would  look really great with a simple t-shirt, blazer and a chic kitten heel.


Today I’ve paired the denim with a flowy pale pink top and a natural heel…which softens up the look!

We will be adding some of our new pieces online and to our facebook galleries if you’d like to take a sneak peek at the goodies!

Happy Wednesday!