The Super Sale

Happy Tuesday Lovelies!

We are excited to let you know that a few of our shops on the street are reuniting for another Super Sale! These big events definitely don’t happen very often.  There will be some amazing pieces from past seasons that are on Sale. It will be a one night Sale, cash only (we won’t have debit available)

We will have styles from Velvet, Des Petits Hauts, Darling, Fidelity, Ted Baker

Exciting right?

Can’t wait to see you there!

The Super Sale,

Shop B’s Summer Book Picks

Shop B’s Summer Book Picks

By Bianca Jamieson 


summer reads




There is something extra delicious about a good summer read.   I love having the time to book-binge, sitting down for a few hours and really getting lost in a story.  Whether you’re on the dock, by the pool, or curled up on your front porch swing, here are a few good books you might consider to keep you company– plus a few more I’m looking forward to reading this summer. 


Educated by Tara Westover 

This memoir was the best book I read in 2018.  Westover was born to survivalists in the mountains of Idaho.  Her family didn’t believe in doctors or hospitals. She didn’t set foot in a classroom until she was 17 years old but her quest for knowledge led her to Brigham Young University, and on to Harvard and Cambridge.  This was an intense book so if you’re looking for a lighter beach read, this might not be the one. But if you’re looking to get sucked into an incredible story about overcoming adversity, you found it.  


The Honey Bus: A Memoir of Loss, Courage and a Girl Saved by Bees by Meredith May 

Another memoir, this one chronicles May’s childhood after her parents’ divorce.  She and her mother and brother move from Long Island to California to live with her grandparents.  Her grandfather is a beekeeper and the bees soon become her passion and distraction from the reality of her mother’s depression.  May is a gifted storyteller whose writing not only weaves a beautiful narrative but also imparts to her readers a better understanding of the fascinating world of honeybees.  I might never run screaming at the sight of a bee again…maybe. 


Normal People by Sally Rooney

This book, about  two teens who grew up in the same small town in Ireland, is so insightfully written I thought about it for days after I finished reading it.  It’s definitely a love story but it’s a complicated one that explores issues of class, family dynamics, and first loves. This one is a page-turner, not because of a remarkably gripping plot, but because of it’s relatability.


The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah 

Ok, here’s your sweeping, epic novel about war, love, loss and sisterhood.  It’s told from the point of view of an elderly woman as she reminisces about France during World War II. The story follows two very different sisters. The younger, rebellious one falls in love and joins the Resistance. The older one stays behind in a small village to raise her family while her husband heads for the Front.  It will make you swoon, ugly cry AND happy cry, all while imagining which Hollywood actors will play which characters in the inevitable movie adaptation. 


The Best Kind of People by Zoe Whittall 

This one really hooked me.   A local teacher is accused of sexual misconduct by students from his prestigious prep school.  The story follows his wife, teenage daughter and adult son as they grapple with the possibility of his guilt.  I loved this book. It was provocative, it was timely, and it was unpredictable. I remember being so thoroughly engrossed in this book, I couldn’t put it down to eat a meal. I would read it hunched over my cereal bowl in the morning while tuning out the chaos of a house with toddlers.  Now that’s a good book! 


Here are a few other titles on my reading list this summer:  


Fleishman Is in Trouble: A Novel by Taffy Brodesser- Akner (this one is getting lots of buzz) 

Mrs. Everything by Jennifer Weiner (this one sounds like it might be a beach read with a brain) 

The Path Made Clear by Oprah Winfrey (Because, Oprah)


Happy reading, everyone!



Sale Dresses

Happy Thursday!

We absolutely love wearing dresses this season. So effortless and easy to wear. We’ve got a few different styles on sale in the shop and online. Take a peek at what styles and sizes we have in the shop along with a few other sale goodies. dresses, sale,

Summer Tote


Happy Wednesday Lovelies! We are so excited to launch our new Shop B summer tote. This is a tote with a few perks! With the purchase of $250 you will receive a super cute new tote. Bring in your bag anytime from July 3rd-July25th and get an extra 15% of regular and sale. (limited amount available, discount in store only) gingham summer tote shop B

Shop B goes Antiquing

Shop B Goes Antiquing

By Bianca Jamieson 


I love the idea of antique hunting but the truth is, I often have a tough time envisioning the items outside the context of the market.  I usually get overwhelmed and don’t end up buying anything other than the odd trinket. But this past weekend, Michele and I went to the Aberfoyle Antique Market and I took notes.  Sure, there’s the thrill of the hunt but it’s also fun to just tag along and see what ignites other people’s creativity.  


Here are some highlights from our visit: 


Photos via Pinterest from: 

(Purses) Moda Operandi, Mango, Elle Australia

(Vases/bowls) Faded Charm, Exceeding Joy 

(Rugs) McGee and Co, Indigo Trade 

(Chairs) HGTV 

antiquing- caned chairs antiquing-vintage bags antiquing-bowls and vases antiquing-rugs

Getting Creative!

It’s that time of year when Art on the street comes to Quebec Street. Lots of talented people gather and set up their booths and display all their creations. It happens this Saturday June 22nd right on our street.

As you know.. I love to get creative at the shop and to be inspired by other creatives. I asked my long time friend Ali who many of you know from working here over the years to come in and help me out with the window. We used to brainstorm and design the windows all the time together.

A couple of months ago Ali designed some really cute stickers to update our online packaging. I thought it would be super fun if she would paint the backdrop in our window inspired by the stickers.  Of course.. she was as excited as I was to dream up a new Shop B window.

This morning she came in and got right to work. Mixing paints, making templates and painting the backdrop. Take a peek or walk by to see how cute it all turned out!

planning window displaypainted window backdrop, new window display,