Effortless outfit

Happy Friday!

We are sharing an effortless look just in time for the springy weather we are expecting this weekend.

The pieces *white top * linen long coat * levi’s wedgie * neutral slingbacks (4 easy pieces)

If you want to see the look on… take a peek at our instagram today.

xx Michele

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Shop B’s Spring Style Tips- Part 2



Shop B’s Spring Style Tips- Part 2

by Bianca Jamieson


Welcome back to Shop B’s Spring Style tips.  Transition dressing is not always easy to pull off but we’re showing you some ways to style your spring wardrobe for single digit temperatures.  This week we’re looking at how to wear your cropped and wide-leg pants without freezing your ankles off.


Here’s a little inspiration:

cropped pants-howtowearthem

Easy, simple style tricks for wearing cropped pants right now:


Boots: You may be feeling tired of your winter boots but a lighter-coloured neutral ankle boot, looks and feels refreshing after the dark days of winter. I also love the look of a high-top sneaker with everything from denim to wide-leg dress pants.


Socks–but make it fashion!: For the last few seasons, we’ve tried desperately to hide our socks away but now I say, embrace them!  They add some quirk and interest to a look while keeping your feet warm; it’s a win-win.


Layer with leggings: Wide-leg pants look great but they’re drafty.  However, they’re also roomy so you can sneak a cropped legging under there and no one will even know the difference.


Inspiration collage pics found on Pinterest – Atelier Dore, Tokyo Fashion, hairstylism.com, Until the Very Trend, Vogue Spain, Telegraph.co.uk


Spring Style Online

Happy Wednesday! Another gorgeous day and a perfect day to show you our new spring style. We have just updated the style section with lots of gorgeous looks and pieces. Take a peek and zoom in on the outfits and the details.  Spring Style Section. . Take a peek! spring style- outfits

Spring Style -sneak peek

Happy Tuesday! This past Sunday we had a fun photoshoot at Cami’s studio with some gorgeous spring pieces. Our good friend/customer Aga came over to help us with our photoshoot. It’s all about naturals,  pops of yellows, florals, stripes, pink and polka dots. Sounds good right?

Here is a sneak peek.. our new styles will be online and in the shop very soon. We hope you will be inspired for spring with all our new looks.

Stay tuned!


sneak peek-spring style

Shop B’s Spring Style Tips- Part #1

by Bianca Jamieson


There are changes afoot.   It’s not just the seasons, it’s the proportions.  

We’re seeing styles shift toward cropped, high-waisted jeans, boxier tops, and wide-leg pants.  It’s all incredibly chic and minimalist but “spring” in this part of the world is not always ideal for an exposed ankle or a breezy (drafty) pant leg.  


However, there are ways to capture the spirit of the season without catching a chill.  Michele recently helped me figure out what true transition dressing really means and I can’t wait to share these tips with you.  


This week, we’re slooowly easing into spring blouses by layering them over turtlenecks.  It’s a great way to ditch the wool sweaters before the snow officially melts and the temperatures allow for flowy tops.  A thin turtleneck works under a jumpsuit too!


Here’s the inspiration:

And here’s how I wore it:

This very simple little styling change was the perfect step forward into the new season.  My wardrobe felt fresh. I felt warm. It was a good day

Stay tuned next week for seem more inspiration on how to wear a cropped pant on a cold day!  


Inspiration collage pics found on Pinterest – The Stylograph , @Saskaludiol & Whowhatwear.co.uk (Getty Image)




Spring Look -wideleg pant

spring look-flatly

Happy Thursday!

We are sharing another super cute look with our navy linen cropped wideleg pant. We’ve paired it with a pink cotton stripe shirt.. perfect to tuck in and show off the pant waistband detail.

Topping it off with our staple white leather runner.

Bring on that spring weather.. we are totally ready.