Sweet Notes!

These little notebooks are absolutely perfect.

All the journals have floral metallic and little printed covers. Aren’t we always looking for another little notebook? I know I love to jot down little notes. I’m a virgo… we love to write lists! What can I say? I think I’m organized…atleast I like to look like I am.

I know a few of my girlfriends have mentioned they like to just go out and buy a new journal or notebook before they’ve finished the last one.

So girls… there are a few to choose from at Blush. The company is called Nantucka Joy.

Cute outfit of the day!

We are thinking that this is thee cute outfit of the day! A sweet little striped Ella moss halter dress in oatmix and coral. We love the pockets, and it’s so easy to wear. Mix it up with some sandals and your straw fedora… voila… adorable outfit to go!