Shop B goes Antiquing

Shop B Goes Antiquing

By Bianca Jamieson 


I love the idea of antique hunting but the truth is, I often have a tough time envisioning the items outside the context of the market.  I usually get overwhelmed and don’t end up buying anything other than the odd trinket. But this past weekend, Michele and I went to the Aberfoyle Antique Market and I took notes.  Sure, there’s the thrill of the hunt but it’s also fun to just tag along and see what ignites other people’s creativity.  


Here are some highlights from our visit: 


Photos via Pinterest from: 

(Purses) Moda Operandi, Mango, Elle Australia

(Vases/bowls) Faded Charm, Exceeding Joy 

(Rugs) McGee and Co, Indigo Trade 

(Chairs) HGTV 

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