Shop B’s Spring Style Tips- Part #1

by Bianca Jamieson


There are changes afoot.   It’s not just the seasons, it’s the proportions.  

We’re seeing styles shift toward cropped, high-waisted jeans, boxier tops, and wide-leg pants.  It’s all incredibly chic and minimalist but “spring” in this part of the world is not always ideal for an exposed ankle or a breezy (drafty) pant leg.  


However, there are ways to capture the spirit of the season without catching a chill.  Michele recently helped me figure out what true transition dressing really means and I can’t wait to share these tips with you.  


This week, we’re slooowly easing into spring blouses by layering them over turtlenecks.  It’s a great way to ditch the wool sweaters before the snow officially melts and the temperatures allow for flowy tops.  A thin turtleneck works under a jumpsuit too!


Here’s the inspiration:

And here’s how I wore it:

This very simple little styling change was the perfect step forward into the new season.  My wardrobe felt fresh. I felt warm. It was a good day

Stay tuned next week for seem more inspiration on how to wear a cropped pant on a cold day!  


Inspiration collage pics found on Pinterest – The Stylograph , @Saskaludiol & (Getty Image)