Shop B turns 15

Shop B is 15!

by Bianca Jamieson


I vividly remember the day I first saw the store.   I was home from university for the weekend, walking by the Bookshelf.  I looked across the street and saw this little blushy-pink canopy. There was a chic mannequin or two in the window and these glamorous chandeliers lit up a space that looked like it could be full of cute clothes.  I did a double take and crossed the road, sure I had stumbled upon a mirage in downtown Guelph. It ended up being a true and rare gem. For 15 years it’s been a constant source of friendship, joy and style for me and many others.  


While celebrating this major milestone at the store, I spoke to some loyal customers about their first Shop B purchases.  The energy was infectious and soon enough everyone was chatting about their favourite fashion moments from the shop. I took a few notes. 


On First Purchases and First Impressions: 


Deb- “I think it was probably a whole bunch of things at once. I remember this pink sweater with a pink velvet bow that had a pearl and rhinestone sort of thing on the lapel- oh! And these velour pants with stripes down the sides!” (oh 2004…) 


Ali- “It was a beaded belt. And I still have it!” 


Lori: “it was a long, chocolate brown peasant skirt with tiers.  It was very boho chic. I held on to that for so long. I do remember the first time I laid eyes on the store and I thought to myself, ‘Now what have we here? In Guelph? What in sweet fancy moses…”   (EXACTLY!) 


Marg: “It was a long, black knit dress with a ballet back.  I still have it and I still wear it. It’s one of those pieces that whenever you don’t know what to wear, you pull that one out and put it on.” 

(I think I want this dress too?) 


Steph: “I think it was this khaki coloured blouse. I was really cute!”

Michele: “It was a Ted Baker skirt with butterflies”

Steph: “THAT’s what it was! And it started my love affair with Ted Baker.” 

Michele: “Do you still have it?”

Steph: “oh yeah. I still have it.” 


Robyn- “it was this really cute fox shirt.” 

(Later that evening Lori struck up a conversation with Robyn and said ‘I remember the first time I met you, Robyn, and you asked me where I got my shirt– it was this shirt with foxes on it from here.”–  bit of a full circle moment)


Cami– “These Fidelity jeans. I think I wear them 80% of my life” 


As for me, I too remember a pair of jeans from Shop B that I lived in when I was about 22–they were Rock and Republic with a flared leg that made me feel like Victoria Beckham. I also remember the first item I EVER got from the store- a Christmas gift from my parents in 2004- it was a pink sweater with gold thread running through it.

I also remember this purse I bought  a few months later that Michele actually made. 

I have a lot of fond memories wrapped up in Shop B that could fill a very long blog post (let me tell you about a time she parked a pink Vespa in her display window!).  I remember the first day I showed up to work at the store and Michele was wearing a full, bright pink skirt with a white blouse, a wide raffia belt and espadrilles. To me, she was straight out of Sex and the City, and as a 21-year-old university student who was mostly interested in wearing clothes to ‘fit in’, she inspired me to just go for it and wear what I truly love..  


Happy Anniversary, Shop B!  Here’s to 15 more! 


Photos by Camilla Brenchley

Florals by Blooms & Flora 



The Super Sale

Happy Tuesday Lovelies!

We are excited to let you know that a few of our shops on the street are reuniting for another Super Sale! These big events definitely don’t happen very often.  There will be some amazing pieces from past seasons that are on Sale. It will be a one night Sale, cash only (we won’t have debit available)

We will have styles from Velvet, Des Petits Hauts, Darling, Fidelity, Ted Baker

Exciting right?

Can’t wait to see you there!

The Super Sale,

Check Pant….HTWI

Happy Friday! We are gearing up for September with a cute back to work look. This soft tie check pant from Harris Wilson is so easy to wear to work but also casually as well.
For work we are pairing it with a pretty white cami and layering with a lightweight v-neck sweater.
If you want to wear the pants on the weekend.. we love the idea of it with a simple white tee and a white runner.

Have a lovely long weekend.

Inside the shop

Happy Thursday! It feels like forever since we’ve posted. We are busy behind the scenes…unpacking and freshening up the shop with new gorgeous Fall pieces. As well as buying beautiful pieces for spring 2019. Here’s a quick peek inside the shop and at some of the colours and prints that are popping up for the season.

Basket Pop Up Shop

Happy Friday!
We are super excited to let you know that we are having a basket pop up shop with
Etch Design Studio tomorrow. You can stop by and shop the selection of market & basket bags anytime Saturday from 10-4.

You are sure to find your perfect basket bag to tote around this summer.
See you soon.

The Look…How to wear it

Happy Wednesday! Here’s another super cute look from our new Style update.
We have styled up the Risotto top with the Leonce denim skirt & the Raffia mules. Three effortless pieces… we just love!

If you are looking for a little more outfit inspiration.. check out our updated style section on the site.